St. David’s Welsh Society believes in contributing back to the community by providing scholarships and donations. These donations and scholarships are consistent with the Society’s objective in promoting education, music, and rugby.



University of Alberta:

Every year three scholarships are offered to three University of Alberta students: Vocal, Harp and History of the Fur Trade. The decision for whom the scholarships is awarded determined by the Department of Music for the Vocal and Harp and the Department of History and Classics for the History of the Fur Trade.


Strathcona Druid’s Rugby Club:

The St David’s Welsh Society now donates two $500 annual scholarships for rugby players, one male and one female from the Strathcona Druids Rugby Club Junior programmes for the under-18-year-olds. The criteria for selection include athletic ability and good sportsmanship and the selection is made by the coaches.



Kiwanis Music Festival:

The festival receives an annual donation for Vocal and Choir categories.


St. David’s Welsh Male Voice Choir:

The choir roots begin with the small group of Edmonton Welshmen began gathering for singsongs and this beginning evolved into a both the Choir and into the Society. Although we are no longer directly linked today, the Society has provided support for the Choir which promotes the tradition of Welsh choral singing.


Cantilon Choirs:

Choral Music is important to the Welsh people and the Cantilon Choir provides children the opportunity to sing in a choir. The Cantilon Choir’s mission "to enrich our communities by providing exemplary learning and performing choral experiences in Alberta, Canada and beyond" is certainly a good fit with the Society’s objectives.

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