Welsh Language

Language classes are not currently offeered locally in Edmonton, however, Welsh language studies are available at Welsh for Adults Centre in Wales, or from Cymdeithas Madog, the Welsh Studies Institute in North America Inc.  Currently, the Saint David's Welsh Society of Edmonton does offer some assistance for active members to take Cymdeithas Madog (Cwrs Madog).

BBC Wales also has resources for learning Welsh on-line at http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/learning/learnwelsh/.


More Facts

Saints:  St. David (c. 500-c. 589), a Welsh bishop, teacher, and preacher, is the patron saint of Wales.

St. Dwynwen (6th century) is the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

Harp: The harp is the national instrument of Wales. Harps have been played in Wales since at least the 11th century.


Attracted by the opportunities, many Welsh immigrants settle in Alberta. Coal miners found work in the mines in the Coal Branch in the mountains while others came to the Edmonton mines. Farmers found workable land in Wood River, near Ponoka, Alberta.

Edmonton Girls' School

The Llanarthney School for Girls was established by Gladys Maddock (d. 1939), a graduate of Oxford, in Edmonton's Oliver neighbourhood in 1914. Gladys who was of Welsh descent named the school for a village in southern Wales. (http://www.rewedmonton.ca/content_view2?CONTENT_ID=515)

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