About Us

St. David’s Society can trace its roots back to 1904 when a small group of Welshmen began gathering together for “sing-songs.” These singsongs developed into a full-fledged male choir, led by David Humphreys and David Jones, well-known Edmonton tenors. The choir would meet in the Thistle rink and then later in the Lyceum theatre. In 1907, the choir of eight formed the Cymrodorion society. The name was later changed to the St. David Society for those people who did not fluently speak Welsh.

What are the objectives of the society?

  1. To foster fellowship and support among the people of Welsh origin residing in Edmonton and District.
  2. To continue the traditions common to the Welsh nationality.
  3. To foster the rich Welsh culture, heritage, language and traditions within the multicultural fabric of Edmonton and Alberta.

Who are the members?

The society members come from various backgrounds. We have members who are from Wales, who have Welsh ancestors and others who are interested in learning more about the Welsh culture.


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